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Water Filter Pack, X-Pack™

Water Filter Pack, X-Pack™
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The X-Pack™ provides up to 32 Liters of clean drink from nearly any surface water over a ten day period. Use nearly an water source to generate clear drink. Purity levels are comparable to reverse osmosis systems
  • LSI Product ID:WTR-3700-00
  • Model No:X-Pack
  • Manufacturer:Hydration Technologies Inc.


Less than 5 pounds in your ruck produces up to 8.5 gallons in the field.
Used by Marine, Air Force, Army and Special Operations personnel, HTI's X-Pack seta s new standard in water filtration.  Simply fill the X-Pack™ Bag from almost any contaminated stream, ditch or puddle, then toss it into your ruck.  This revolutionary system filters on the go, delivering 54 fl.oz. (1.6 L) of pure drink.  With X-Pack™ in your gear, you'll never surrender to thirst.

AnyWater AnyWhere®

The X-Pack™ is simple enough for a child to use. Just put dirty water into the red port, and one sports syrup charge into the green port. The water will be filtered by the advanced forward osmosis membrane as it is drawn into the X-Pack's inner chamber. When the process is complete, simply pour the clean drink out and restart the system. No purifying chemicals are required, nor is any power input needed other than the sports drink syrup charges that drive the filtration process by osmosis. The X-Pack™ will provide safe, hassle-free fluids from even muddy sources without clogging.

How it Works
When X-Pack™ is filled with contaminated source wter, pure water is drawn across a patented membrane barrier.  In independent laboratory tests, the X-Pack™ filter meets or surpasses reduction for bacteria, viruses, and cysts as specified by the EPA for water purifiers.  Used by soldiers to drink the floodwaters in New Orleans, you can trust the X-Pack™ to provide safe and simple filtration wherever you are.   By comparison, this revolutionary technology delivers rejection capabilities two-hundred times greater than a typical hand-pump system

Trusted during Hurricane Katrina
How the X-Pack™ turned Katrina flood water into clean & pure waterThe X-Pack™ was used by the national guard during Hurricane Katrina to drink flood water right off the street! Even afterwards, lab results showed no traces of bacteria whatsoever.

“As we have seen with Hurricane Katrina, natural disasters bring unanticipated challenges. Preparing to deal with these challenges is something every family should do. One of the biggest steps towards emergency preparedness is having a personal emergency hydration system such as the X-Pack available - it boosts self-sufficiency and health, and also lightens the load on emergency response teams."
-Retired Major General Lou Hennies

Fewer resupply flights and convoys
•  Saves money while shifting logistical capacity to ammo and other combat supplies 
•  Reduces convoy and aircaft exposure to hostile fire by minimizing resupply activity 
•  1 Pound of X-Pack = 15 Pounds of Bottled Water 

Increased fighteing capabilities
•  Improves unit rapid resonse capabilities through increased water self-suffieciency 
•  Strengthens battlefield sustainability by extending water reserves 
•  Maintains tactical secrecy and surprise by reducing aviation activity over AOR 
•  Enhances unit maneuvering by reducing dependence upon central source water distribution points 

Maintains troops physical health
•  Enhances soldier readiness by delivering calories and needed electrolytes 
•  Decreases waterborne illness by reliably removing biological pathogens 
•  Enhances hydration because, unlike chemically-treated source water, it looks and taste good. 



Total Output:
Up to 5 gallons, or 40 lbs of water
Volume: 1.8 liters
Filter Life: 10 days
Filter Output: 1 liter in 4 hours at 20 C
Bacteria Rejection: 6 log (non detect)
Virus Rejection: 4 log (non detect)
Parasite Rejection: 3 log (non detect)
Max turbity: 1,000 ntu
User Effort:
seconds to fill, no work required for filtering, no cleaning required

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