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Rescue Throw Stick

Rescue Throw Stick
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When there's more than one person in the water, the Rescue Stickā„¢ can be rapidly deployed at each subject location. This compact inflatable rescue device should be on board any aircraft that may be first on scene.
  • LSI Product ID:RES-2003-00
  • Manufacturer:Mustang Survival


Incredibly easy to use, the Rescue Stick™ provides rapid flotation assistance to a person at risk of drowning. Simply remove the baton shaped Rescue Stick™ from its waterproof bag and throw near the person. Once contact is made with the water it inflates in seconds to a large horseshoe shape keeping the victim afloat and their head above the water until help arrives.

Measuring only 14" in length and weighing 15.5oz, the Rescue Stick™ is the most versatile rescue flotation device available. Easily stowed in a boat, vehicle, backpack or by the pool it will be accessible when and where you need it.

The Rescue Stick™ is an invaluable tool for police officers arriving first on scene to provide emergency flotation when no water rescue gear is available. During a swift water rescue, fire departments can throw the Rescue Stick™ to the victim to keep them afloat while a rescue plan is put into action. Lifeguards can easily throw the Rescue Stick™ to someone in trouble to keep their head above water until rescued. Recreational boaters can throw the Rescue Stick™ to a man overboard while maneuvering to get them out of the water.

Recommend for: Fishing, Sailing, Boating, Industrial Marine, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Aviation, Sea, Sea Blue Water, Sea Brown Water, Land

Available As:
♦ Individual Stick, Model MRD100
♦ Water Rescue Kit - Belt Pack, Throw Bag, Rescue Stick, Model MRK110
♦ Water Rescue Kit - Throw Bag, (4) Rescue Sticks, Model MRK120
♦ Water Rescue Kit - (4) Rescue Sticks, Model MRK130
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