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Heli Rescue Screamer Suit, BSRS

Heli Rescue Screamer Suit, BSRS
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The Bauman Screamer Suit is used for Helicopter Hoist Lifts and Short Haul Helicopter Rescue.
  • LSI Product ID:RES-1007-00


Designed for rapid extrication by hoist or short haul, the Screamer Suit dons quickly without the delay of putting on a full body harness designed for a rescuer. The Screamer Suit is easy to put on and holds the subject securely during lifting. LSI offers the durable Rough Stuff BSRS Model, the system adjusts from small patients to large patients up to 800 lbs. Not intended for a patient with a spinal injury or other injury requiring a litter evacuation.

Features (BSRS Model):
  • LIGHTWEIGHT 4 lb 10 oz (2.1 KG)
  • COMPACT (stores in┬ásmall stuff sack)
  • DURABLE: All materials used are industrial strength and of the highest quality available. Outer fabric is 1000 denier nylon cordura fabric and 1050 denier black ballistic cloth abrasion resistant fabric. Also, the bag is treated for water resistance.
  • Light stick pockets
  • High reflective 3 MMM tape
  • Weight capable to 800 lbs
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