Providing Solutions for Survival Since 1987

Marketing Department at Life Support International

Life Support International was founded on June 25, 1987 in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Over the past three decades, LSI has worked on hundreds of projects around the world and developed industry changing projects.

We created a Timeline to reflect back and share our more memorable projects. Please visit the page to find out more about LSI’s history.


So many people have   been a part of LSI’s history and contributed to it’s success. We know that we couldn’t have accomplished anything without the hard work our employees put into every project. Thank you to our staff for 30 years of unforgettable moments and making the seemingly impossible possible.






We celebrated with our staff at a Trenton Thunder game. The night was filled with great food, entertainment, and a cake (candles included!).



With the celebration of Life Support International’s 30th anniversary came the retirement of one of its longest serving employees. David Lee Hunter started with the company 29 years ago after serving in the U.S Navy. Already a Certified Senior Parachute Rigger and Repairman, Dave earned the titles of QC Inspector, FAA Chief Inspector, FAA Maintenance Inspector, and FAA Emergency Equipment Manager while at LSI. and has witnessed some of LSI’s biggest accomplishments. We honored Dave and his contribution to the company by throwing a retirement party in appreciation and recognition of 29 years of loyal service and friendship. LSI would like to wish Dave a Happy Retirement, we will miss you!

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