Marketing Department at Life Support International

Changing operating environments call for Product design innovation.  Life Support International is a unique company as we specialize in our capability of offering Design Solutions to meet the needs of specific customers, aircraft applications, and special end-user requirements.  The combined knowledge and experience of the LSI Staff enables LSI to address a wide range of disciplines relative to the design and development of life support equipment.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force brought LSI a need at SAFE Europe for a desert Grab N Go Kit to replace the traditional ACES II Survival Kit.  From this request, LSI developed a Kit suitable for Overland Ejection in a combat environment.

The new ACES II Grab N’ Go Kit, SUR-4810-40-DBP Is a Back Pack Container Style Kit for the combat environment.  It replaces the standard ACES II Survival Kit.   With a total pack size of 15” x 15” the New Container is equipped with Chest Straps, Back Straps, and 7 Mesh Pocket Compartments for Weapons, Ammunition, Survival Accessories, and Personal Protective Equipment.    Of the seven outside compartments is an outside Pocket design to hold a 9mm Fully Automatic Weapon and ammunitions.   The six inner Pockets are Equally Proportional.


This special end-user request is now a fully developed addition to LSI’s Product offerings.


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