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Projects that have helped define LSI

For over 20 years, LSI has developed unique Aviation Aircrew Life Support Systems (ALSS) for a variety of customers; US & foreign military, major airframe manufactures, airborne Special Operations units, etc. The breadth of our projects range from having developed highly specialized ejection seat survival systems for NATO trainer aircraft, providing Airborne Special Forces units with an air-droppable Life Raft system, developed unique space survival kits for NASA, designed an extreme state-of-the-art parachute Bailout system for the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer.

Our projects have been instrumental in defining who LSI is as a Comapny providing unique Solutions for Survival.


UNI-PAC II, Air-Droppable Surivval Kit, Universal A/C

The UNI-PAC II™ air-drop survival kit is a semi-rigid, fully adjustable cylindrical canister, designed to be rigged for delivery from the side door, tail ramp or bomb-bay of various multi role aircraft applications.

Spec Sheet(s):

SpecSheet, UNI-PAC II, SUR-3816-00 (Universal AC)


Global Flyer Emergency Bailout System

Emergency Bailout System utilized by Steve Fosset in Global Flyer during record breaking around the world flight completed on February 11th, 2006. This system was designed and manufactured by Life Support International. The total pack size is 13" x 15" x 3".

Global Flyer Emergency Bail Out System

MIG-29 Integrated Survival System Malaysia, Model: MK-46(SV)M

Survival Vest, Life Preserver, Tree Escape / Lowering Device

The MK-46 SV(M) is an integrated life preserver/survival vest system which incorporates an inflatable

life preserver, modular survival vest, and lowering device. A mesh vest provides a platform for the integration of the life preserver, equipment pockets, hoisiting/lifting becket and aircrew restraint harness.

Application: Ejection Seat aircraft, MIG-29


HARD Series Life Rafts

HARD Life Raft System - Helicopter Air Droppable Rescue Device

The HARD Life Raft System is designed to provided total protection of the onboard life raft. It is rigged for air drop capability, enabling the aircrew to also use the life raft for rescues of others in water. The concept was initially designed for the US Special Force 160th SOAR(A) on board MH-47 Chinhook helicopter, however the HARD Life Raft System can be easily modified for other aircraft applications.

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