Commitment to Quality

The scope of our Quality Management System applies to the design, manufacture, purchase, acceptance, inspection, assembly, sale and distribution of life support products for use by the global aviation community and the FAA certified inspection, testing, overhaul, repair, recertification and return to service of life support products in accordance with department of transportation requirements under the provision of FAR-145 and specialized service authorizations in accordance with life support international repair station LFPR314K operating specification.

Quality Management in the Aerospace Industry

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is organized and Certified under the provisions of:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • AS9100 : Aviation, Space & Defense
  • FAA regulations for Repair Stations.

In addition, our quality control system is under continuous surveillance, and fully certified by the FAA, Dept of Defense, and major government contractors including, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed, Beech, Kaman and others.


AS9100C Certificate Number 131167.01



Quality Policy Statement

  • LSI and all of our Employees fully understand that our company provides products and services that save lives when all else fails. With this knowledge, we, as a company, are committed to the unquestionable quality and performance of all products and services that we provide that others might live when all else fails.
  • LSI will actively promote continuous improvement of Product Realization and Customer Satisfaction through the establishment, maintenance and review of key objectives that are highly visible and present challenges throughout every level of the organization.
  • LSI Management is committed to the Quality Policy and will provide the necessary leadership, resources, and training to remain fully compliant while implementing all the applicable goals, objectives, and procedures established by our Quality Management System.

LSI places AN emphasis on obtaining client satisfaction by:

  • Responding promptly and accurately to Customer inquiries and orders.
  • A constant pursuit of quality, value, and reliability in the products and services that LSI provides to its Customers.
  • Ensuring that its management & staff are fully trained to meet the requirements of the business and its Customers.
  • Constantly striving to meet and where possible exceed its Customer's expectations.
  • Working closely with its Customers and Suppliers in seeking to establish the highest Quality standards.
  • Adopt a forward-looking view on future business decisions which may have an impact on Quality.
  • Train all members of staff in the needs and responsibilities of Quality Management.
  • Comply with all legislation relevant to the industry and also the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations.


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